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September 2018 TV shows and games – The Eleight

September 2018 TV shows and games

As in years past, September premieres will not disappoint, with games such as Fifa 19 dropping on September 28th and the long awaited reveal of the new “The Purge television series on September 4th. Tune in to this article to enlighten yourself about all the newest and hottest games and television shows.

Television programs

The Purge

”The Purge” is a new upcoming television series, based off the franchise of the same name. It’s set in an alternate United States, where once a year for 12 hours all crime is legal (including murder); viewers should expect suspense and violence. The show features a wide cast of characters that each have their own story to tell, including Miguel, a US Marine who returns home after receiving a message from his sister, and Lila, a woman who uses the purge to deal with unfinished “business.” Tune in September 4th to USA Network.

Iron Fist

The next season of ”Iron Fist” sheds more light on the character of Danny Rand and how he copes with his ultimate failure of protecting K’un-Lun. Iron Fist will also face off against his former brother in arms Davos. Each episode will make a return to many characters fans have come to know and love such as Colleen Wing and Davos, as well as the introduction of a new character named “Typhoid Mary.” Season Two hits Netflix September 7th, be sure to check it out.

Bojack Horseman

This animated American sitcom created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg features the character Bojack Horseman, and his life in a world where anthropomorphic animals live alongside humans. Bojack, a former celebrity that wishes to return to relevance, decides to dictate a tell-all autobiography to his ghost writer Diane Nguyen in the hopes that it might return him to stardom. Tune in to season five on September 14th which premieres solely on Netflix.

The Simpsons

The classic Simpsons family once again returns for another fun-filled season that’s sure to excite most audiences. Return to Springfield, and watch what more trouble the Simpsons get themselves into. So far only a handful of episode titles have been revealed such as Mad About the Toy and Treehouse of Horror XXIX. Though the plots for any of the upcoming episodes have not been released publicly, one can expect more of the humor and expertly crafted stories we have come to love. ”The Simpsons” Season 30 premieres September 30th on Fox.


Destiny 2: Forsaken

Coming in September we have Destiny 2: Forsaken, which is additional content for Destiny 2. Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, you take control of The Guardian, a human who, despite memory loss, fights on to protect humanity from malevolent forces. This time The Guardian is sent to a now-lawless place known as The Reef. Once there, the player witnesses a prison break which releases some of its most dangerous criminals out into the galaxy. It’s then the player’s job to mop up the mess, and eliminate any criminals they may come across as they travel throughout the expansive new world. Not only does this add another exciting and innovative campaign to complete, it also introduces additional weapons (like the devastating bow), re-works the weapon system (such as finally allowing the player to place any weapon type in any open slot), and adds a new faction known as The Scorn for the player to face. Play Destiny 2: Forsaken September 4th or pre-order now for exclusive bonuses.


Spider-Man is the newest addition to Marvel games, and hopefully isn’t the last. Developed by Insomniac Games, this game features a beautifully simulated New York City that the player can explore at will, swinging around to their heart’s desire. Like previous Spider-Man games, it is played in third person. However, combat and enemies have been completely reworked. The game implements similar fighting mechanics to that of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games, creating a smooth and rewarding system that keeps players wanting more. Spider-Man faces his most infamous enemies in this installment, such as the Sinister Six, a ruthless group made up of super villains such as Rhino, Kingpin, Vulture. Insomniac also took the time to add in unique costumes so players can customize their Spider-Man.Pre-order Spider-Man by September 7th to instantly unlock three suits, one of which is featured within Infinity War.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Another entry in the long line of Tomb Raider games, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will follow Lara Croft as she adventures to Latin America in search of a lost Mayan relic. Developed by Eidos Montréal, fans of past Tomb Raider games should look forward to a rich diverse environment, with many areas to explore, as well as side quests to complete either during or after the main campaign. Some features from previous games will be returning to this title such as the crafting system, which uses resources the player finds while scavenging, as well as hunting a wide variety of animals. A few new features were also added such as the option to rappel down a cliff, or Lara’s ability to breathe for a longer duration of time. Shadow of the Tomb Raider drops September 14th; pre-order now for an exclusive steelbook packaging with an additional three collectable art cards packed away inside.

Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2, a game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, does not return with Max Caulfield, the original main character in the first game. Instead the team opted with a whole new cast of characters. Take control of Sean Diaz and follow his adventure with his younger brother Daniel back to their home in Mexico. The series is played in third person, and will be far more linear compared to most games. However, one of its key features is choice: throughout the game, players will be met with daunting decisions that they must make in order to progress, and these decisions greatly impact the way the story plays out. Life is Strange 2 will be released September 27th, pre order the game now for a unique ingame backpack patch, and keyring.

Fifa 19

Fifa 19, developed by EA Sports, is the 26th installment in the Fifa series and focuses more on gameplay than story. The player manages a soccer team, being able to pick players and even take control of them on the field as they work their way up to the championships. To entice new and old players to purchase this title, EA Sports added in a load of new and unique features. A few of the more interesting changes are the “Active Touch System,” which overhauls player control, and“Dynamic Tactics” which grants players the ability to configure strategies for their teams (even being able to switch between them in real-time). Fifa 19 also introduces the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup (which is where the core of gameplay lies), as well as updated graphics. Fifa 19 releases September 28th, although one could pre order it for bonus in game items.