Leigh High School’s new Mandarin teacher

The new school year has begun, bringing not only new students, but also new teachers.

For example, Sonya Yu is the new Chinese teacher at Leigh; she has been teaching for “all her life”. She teaches 0 period every B days at Leigh and immediately goes to Prospect afterwards. Although this is Ms. Yu’s first year teaching at Leigh, she has already noticed that “Leigh kids learn really fast and they can nail it. ”

What is your goal of the year?

I hope my students can communicate confidently with any Chinese they will meet in future.

What are something you want your students and parents to know about you as a teacher?

I teach seriously, and I set up high standard and expectation.

As a teacher, what do you think it’s the most important skill to have?

Differentiation. Every teachers should be able to see different potential in every students.