Come join the clubs at Leigh

There are over 50 clubs here at Leigh High School that can make your years here at Leigh fun and exciting. We asked a couple students from Leigh about clubs they would like to join, like to see, and why they would want join a club.

“I would like to join SOS club, The Christian Athlete club and The Habitat for Humanity club…the clubs that i would like to see are the ones that include helping the environment and people in need…The clubs that brought to my attention were the ones that included things like caring for others and showing respect for our environment,” said Kayla Mendez, sophomore.

“Some clubs I’d like to join, or that I signed up for today during the Club Faire, were SOS (Sisters and Misters of Society), Habitat For Humanity, and CSF…There aren’t any clubs that I can think of that I’d like to see that we don’t already have. We have around 50 or more clubs already…Things that would make me want to join a club is seeing that is an organized, serious, club that has a purpose and helps others. A club that I would not want to join is one that isn’t set up very well, not committed to what they are doing, and just overall not having a good foundation for a club,” said Marisa Wallace, junior.

And senior Carlo Lanardo said, “I would love to join the yearbook club because it’s my senior year and would want to know what goes in to the yearbook. I would like to see the video game club because I am always curious about it. And you would not want to join the newspaper club because it has a lot of work involved.”

As you can see, the many different and unique clubs here at Leigh provide great experience and look great for college. Joining clubs can create new friends and also make new opportunities for the future..