New year at Leigh

The new school year can bring joy and excitement for everybody at school. As the year begins to start, we prepare for 6am alarm clocks and long nights of homework. Some students are excited for the new year while some are dreading it.

For example, Henry Tisser, a freshman at Leigh High School, is excited to start his first year in high school. “Middle school is different in the sense that all the work is easier whereas in high school all the work becomes more challenging and its then up to you if you want your grades to be okay,” says Tisser.

For some of us nothing is changing, for example, “Nothing is really new this year, were upperclassmen so everything feels the same, I’m looking forward to be able to go to prom and have school spirit and go to the football games,” says Amber Hill, junior.

Luckily, we do have seniors that can give advice to the underclassmen to make the school year less stressful and make high school an overall better experience. “Don’t procrastinate with your school work and keep an open mind with meeting new people and trying new things,” says Morgan Clark.

High school brings many opportunities. For example, senior Robbie Hamchuk is excited for the future when he attends California State University, Northridge to play baseball. Hamchuk says, “High school is great because of the fact that it brings so many opportunities for your future.” Hamchuk has had great deal of success and hopes to continue that success in the future.

While the school year continues, bring your positive attitudes and make the most out of the year. Try to enjoy high school because it will fly by, so make the most out of the hours of homework and early alarm clocks.