Another great performance put on by Leigh’s theater

The Leigh High School theater troupe put on Heathers in Sept. Rather than performing the original version of the musical which contained more adult themes, they opted for using the high school version since it is more age appropriate.
Despite being the different version of Heathers, the plot still remains the same as before.
Based on the 1989 movie Heathers, the musical follows the story of a girl named Veronica Sawyer who is tired of bullying based on grade and popularity in her school.
The most popular girls are named Heather: Heather McNamara, Heather Duke, and Heather Chandler, who come across Veronica when she stands up for her friend that they picked on. After Veronica is brought into their circle, some bickering happens between them due to the Heathers picking on Veronica’s friend again. While out with the Heathers, Veronica ends up meeting a boy named J.D. and they hit it off. The plot ends up growing darker when J.D.’s true colors show later in the show.
The school musical had its opening night on Sept. 8. The seats were almost sold out every show, so one would have to buy them in advance. The ushers were helpful with our tickets we bought online and finding our seats.
The show started off with a loud musical number, you got to hear many of the minor and main characters sing. The actors all had pretty strong voices, however sometimes the loud music overpowered their singing. There were just simple mistakes with the music and microphones. For example, the microphone gave feedback during some songs due to the actors mics too close to the singer.
One of the first things the audience would notice was the setting. It was very simplistic. Not much changed throughout the scenes besides the techs wheeling in a couple of props such as a couch, fake television, and the stairs they had. There was never any dramatic changes to the sets throughout the musical, but the use of colored lights made some scenes more dramatic.
“It was slightly difficult to set up the lights for the show on time because of how little time we had from the end of summer break to opening night to prepare,” said Patrick McGonagle, senior.
The plot had good flow, it was easy to follow. Some of the transitions between scenes didn’t really work out. The transition from Veronica having a spat with her parents to meeting J.D. at the 7-Eleven was a bit awkward. The Heathers sang the chorus of Candy Store once again, but it made the transition from scene to scene odd.
“I was very confused. I was watching it and when they said candy store I was like, ‘They’re gonna sing again!’ and then they just stopped,” said Kasandra Ortiz, senior.
The show was very entertaining to watch. It was a dark comedy, so there were lots of laughs. The two jocks were great comedic relief, even during a serious scene they still made the audience laugh.
“My favorite part about putting on Heathers would have to be the cast. We all worked hard to put on a great show, and in the process really got to know each other and become friends,” said Eliott Brammer, senior.
Brammer played multiple roles in the show such as Ram’s dad, Veronica’s dad, and a cop.
Overall, it was a great performance and was very fun to experience. If you have the chance to go see a Leigh production, then you should because you’ll have a good time.