Need a Halloween costume? Here’s some great DIY costumes ideas.

Halloween is coming up quick with retailers already stocking their shelves with candy and costumes. For many it can be hard to find an inexpensive, yet interesting costume to don when going out for parties or the yearly tradition of collecting candy from neighbors. Never fear — I’ve compiled together a list of five DIY costume ideas to help resolve this dilemma.

1. Into something a little more racy? Try this unique costume idea, inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey series written by E. L. James. Simply go to your local hardware store, select a few grey paint swatches (if you want to be accurate obtain fifty swatches) and attach them (either with glue or tape) to a T-Shirt. You’ll be the life of the party with this humorous inventive costume.

2. Be a grape! All you really need is a few purple or green balloons (enough to cover most of your upper body) and a shirt that matches the color of the balloons. Although this costume may seem silly, it is one that is extremely cost effective (balloons can be found rather cheaply at Dollar Tree) and can add a bit of humor to any Halloween party.

3. Have a group of friends that want to have a certain theme with their costumes? Try out the Spice Girls costume idea, involving a plain black t-shirt, plain red cap and apron, and larger than life cut out pictures of spice jar labels.

4. You say you have a special someone you want to dress up with and are willing to get a little creative? Try out the Green with Envy costume idea, an incredibly punny costume that is sure to bring about laughs among your friends. You need a green t-shirt, a white t-shirt, a green bandana and black iron-on letters (which will be applied to the white t-shirt which spells out Envy). Assembly may take a while (especially when ordering or finding a retailer that sells iron-on letters) so plan this in advance.

5. Want to just throw together something in a flash without much effort? Already own a fancy dress or suit? Well this costume will *suit* you well. Derived from the TV show The Bachelor and its counterpart The Bachelorette, all you need is a fancy outfit and a few roses. It’s incredibly cheap, and very easy to put together especially if you are the person who wants to do everything last minute.