What are Leigh students dressing up as for Halloween?

October is as we all know, the month known best for its last day: the holiday of Halloween. Many are hyped for that day for reasons such as costumes, candy, and partying. The majority of people like to dress up in various costumes for this very occasion. Some costumes are very intricate and very well designed with lots of pre-planning and thought put into them while others are just last-minute scrappy costumes put together to get by the day without criticism of others.

There are the obvious things people would dress as: the classic main characters from video games, cartoons, and anime; generic costumes like witches and ghosts; and celebrities from popular culture. Basically, what everyone is talking about is what people would dress as for this day. There are also the people who either don’t dress up at all or go with a last-minute pass off such as “regular person” or “Something disguised as a civilian.” However, there are some talented people who put lots of effort into their costumes and the final result ends up looking like something out of a movie. Here are what some people plan to dress as for Halloween.

“I’m going to be Luigi, my friends and I are doing a mario kart theme”
-Jade Bulle Grade 11

“I’m probably going to be something like the grim reaper”
-Jayse Petersen Grade 11

“I am going as Lil Xan”
-Alex P. Grade 12

“I’m probably going to be the guy who does something last minute because he has no ideas.”
-Karthik Tamil Grade 11