The most popular costumes at Leigh

By Adriano Spiga, Staff Writer
I was able to get to talk to people around campus about what they were dressing up as this year, I got many MANY varied answers on what people were deciding to dress up as. Including some results you may not even expect! Without further ado here are my results.

Facebook=1 person
Ring Girl=4 people
Sailor Moon=1 person
Donald Trump=6 people
Black Panther=15 people
Riverdale Character=21 people
Cow=10 people
Freddy Krueger=5 people
Michael Myers=2 people
Nurse=18 people
Not dressing up=12 people
The Predator=7 people
Ghost= 5 people
Zombie=19 people
Werewolf=8 people
Dracula=17 people
Batman=10 people
Fortnite Character=22 people
Evil Tobey Maguire= 1 person