Behind Bars: Is It Prison Themed or An Actual Prison?

By: Adriano Spiga, Staff Writer

So you might of been walking throughout the school lately and noticed the “Behind Bars” posters around. They’re plastered everywhere and you can see a lot of effort went behind the project. So being a curious school journalist, I decided to review this expedition into the unknown.

I walked into “Behind Bars” not expecting a whole lot and I can confidently say, without a doubt, that it was the best high school haunted house I’ve ever been to. All the tropes you would expect from a teenager’s perspective of what’s “scary” were there and that was delightful. It had the people screaming, it had the people laughing because they’re “crazy”,it was super dark, there was blood and violence. While I wasn’t scared because I’ve been in multiple of these haunted houses and know the rules of the game. However, there was  a little girl who went in the same group as me, and she constantly asked her parents if she could leave. Obviously this means two things;

1-“I guess this is scary.”

2-”This is like those awkward episodes of The Simpsons where you don’t know whether you’re supposed to laugh or cry.”

When I first bought the tickets, the people behind the counter were very enthusiastic to learn I was there to review the haunted house. It was definitely nice to see how they (and all the actors for that matter) had such enthusiasm and passion for “Behind Bars”.. Even the overacting was done because they wanted so badly to be scary to anybody who came by.

There is one part of “Behind Bars” that I adored without any caveats. The electric chair. Seriously, for a school production with the budget of a six year old’s piggy bank, the FX on the chair was great. The smoke effects were on point and the strobe lights were magnifique.

Overall it was a fun time, if not derivative, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the experience. It’s a lot of fun if you’re having just another day and want something to do.