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Dancing around school curfew – The Eleight

Dancing around school curfew

By Kaylee Flores, Editor-in-Chief

Chatting with a group of people at homecoming, we made plans to go to IHop and then watch movies at one person’s house. As we fled from the gym and away from the extremely loud music, we were halted by some staff members who claimed that we couldn’t leave for another hour and a half. Everyone was absolutely crushed when we found out that we would have to call each of our parents if we wanted to carry out with our previous plans. When many of our parents wouldn’t pick up the phone, we gave up all hope and decided to stay for the additional hour and a half.

Many have encountered the dance policy recently at homecoming. When many didn’t like the dance they attempted to leave only to be stopped by the campus security and some staff members who claimed that they needed to call their parents for permission to leave. On the school website it says that any students are not allowed to leave the dance before 9:30 pm.

“When you come to a school event, such as a dance, we are responsible for your well-being. Your parent/guardian sends you to the dance trusting that you are going to be in a safe environment where you are able to have fun and make memories with your friends. This rule is in place to give both parents and school administrators peace of mind, and accountability when it comes to your safety. When you check-in we want your parents to know that you are here and safe with us until the advertised dance end time or at least our early exit release time,” said Bryan Speed, the activities director at Leigh.

A couple of students at the dance argued that since they paid for the dance ticket and they didn’t enjoy their experience, why couldn’t they leave?

“The rule comes directly from our Student Handbook, which states –
‘Admission allowed for the first hour of the event, and early exit allowed only within a half an hour of the advertised end time. No re-entry,’” commented Speed.

Why is this rule implemented? There are many possible reasons such as students running off being up to no good while their parents assume they’re at the dance.

“Once a student checks-in, we know that they are with us until a particular time. Say for instance you leave the dance early and something bad happens to you, with this rule in place we are able to provide a timeline to your parents and to law enforcement officials that could be important to locating you and providing the support you need,” said Speed.

So in the end, students aren’t allowed to leave since our staff is responsible for making sure we’re all safe.