Littering at Leigh; what’s going on?

By Kaylee Flores, Editor-in-Chief

A bagel on the side of a Leigh locker.

It isn’t very fun to try to get to a class after lunch is over and nearly trip on an apple that was only eaten a quarter of the way. Or to try to walk into a bathroom only to see a glass jar of relish smashed to bits in front of the doorway. I’ve even witnessed a half eaten bagel stuck to a locker door by the cream cheese. Just the other day, one of my friends spent the entirety of the passing period trying to get gum off the bottom of his shoe.

Littering is quite the issue on campus. One will find many wrappers and leftover food tossed onto the grass in the quad after lunch. There are plenty of trash cans placed around campus. So, why are people littering?

Looking at the state of the campus after lunch, one would think that teenagers succumbed to their stereotype of being lazy and just don’t put in the effort to get up and throw their trash in an actual trash can. Littering is something that is unnecessary and it only makes other people’s lives harder. By throwing your trash on the ground, you are making a rude gesture to our custodians here at Leigh who have to pick up after you.

“People who litter are ignorant cause there’s trash cans like literally every 10 feet. The trash cans are everywhere for everyone’s convenience, so use them,” said Shanya Ahmadi, senior.

People are also disrespecting the school campus by doing this. If you are going to be at school for six or more hours a day, wouldn’t you want to have a clean and comfortable campus? There is no point in worsening conditions other than making other people’s lives miserable while they’re at school. People just have a mentality that since the school isn’t their home that they shouldn’t care if they throw their trash onto the ground.

Leadership had a campus cleanup on Sept. 22 where students and parents could volunteer to “make the Leigh campus beautiful”. People pitched in to spread mulch, plant flowers, and clean up the campus in general.

“We probably had just over 30 people that were here…I would say we only had about 12 kids, but there were more parents that were here,” said Kara Butler, Leigh’s principal.

One of the most common problems that was previously mentioned is gum. Many simply spit it on the ground or stick it under the desks, which makes earthquake drills disgusting.

“There was powerwashing that was done on the walkways because unfortunately a lot of people can’t find a garbage can for their gum,” commented Butler.

Looking at the work that the custodians have to put in to clean up after the litter on campus, one would hope that the litterers will realize the valuable time wasted on these tasks that could be used to do something more constructive on campus. Then maybe they will begin to throw their trash in the waste bins.