Mental Health in Teens

By Jordan Waymire, Copy Editor

What is mental health? Would you say it is more or less important than someone’s physical health?


If you don’t know the actual definition, mental health is the emotional and psychological well-being of a person. No matter your age, ethnicity, or physical health, it is possible to be affected by some sort of mental illness.

Mental illnesses are very common in high school students. Depression and anxiety can stem from stress put on by classes. Difficulties with friends and even family problems can also bring about these problems. Some other illnesses include eating disorders, PTSD, and A.D.H.D.

Junior Lauryn Mineta has recently started the club Bring Change to Mind here at Leigh.

“I started this club because I struggle with my own mental health issues and it disabled me from coming to school freshman year. And last year I had some issues that came up again and I wanted people to have a place to go to at school where they could feel like they were being heard and to just create a safe space at school,” says Mineta.

Many students suffering from mental illness do not know where to go for help, and don’t even seek it.

Some parents disregard their child’s call for help because they don’t know what to do either. Mineta hopes to change that.

“Since I went through stuff, I know other people are going through stuff too. Talking to my friends and them not knowing certain resources that they could go to, and the fact that a lot of my friends are struggling with mental health and I can’t help them made me think it was a good time to do something school wide to educate the public. Plus, there’s never been a mental health club at Leigh before,” she states.

Mineta plans to bring events, such as Post-It Walls and school wide participation in sports games. She hopes to include all students, no matter their mental health state, ethnicity, or race.

For more information on mental illnesses and how you can get involved in Bring Change to Mind, please visit: