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Our Fellow American Turkeys – The Eleight

Our Fellow American Turkeys

By Adriano Spiga, Copy Editor

President Donald Trump and a turkey.

Do you know about the turkey pardon? A lot of people get excited about eating the turkey every year, but we should all take a step back and remember our fellow American turkeys who get to live through Thanksgiving. So let’s get down to business and talk about the history of the turkey pardon.

The Turkey Pardon is a tradition where the President spares a turkey’s life from being slaughtered and fed to a happy family of four. The first turkey pardon was in the 1940s but didn’t occur annually. However, that all changed in 1989, when George H W Bush’s presidency began. President Ronald Reagan spared a turkey named Charlie in 1987, which he then sent to a petting zoo later that year. In 2009, President Barack Obama spared a 45-pound turkey named Carolina. In 2017,  our newest president, Donald Trump, pardoned a 36-pound turkey named Drumstick, who he chose over a 47 pound turkey named Wishbone. Afterwards, he donated two different turkeys to Martha’s Table. Wishbone and Drumstick now live happily in Virginia Tech.