Volunteering in that special time of year

By Everest Henze, Staff Writer

As far back as I could remember, my grandparents have always emphasized charity and the spirit of giving. They volunteer a part of their every weekend at a food bank near their home, which gave out bags of food to families in need. Because of their generous actions, my family decided to start a tradition: sometime in late November to late December, we would give ourselves to charity. We would volunteer at any available organization in need and help in any way we could. Usually my family would try to help around Thanksgiving, as some non-profit organizations host an event to feed their community and generally require more manpower. It didn’t take that long, a few hours at most, and the work was relatively easy. However, it would reward us with the knowledge that we helped in some way, be it big or small. Donating a bit of your time to small or large charities is something that is precious. Though many of you reading may not give the idea of giving back a second thought, I would recommend the following organizations for those who do:

Sacred Hearts Community Service

Serving more than 50,000, Sacred Hearts focuses on combining essential services with programs that promote self-sufficiency. Located in San Jose, this organization is closer to home and for some that might be what makes it better than the others. To volunteer fill out the online form by visiting the link(s) below. For more information on this organization please view their website.



West Valley Community Services

Located in Cupertino, this simple food bank (which is where my grandparents volunteer at) tries its best to fight poverty by providing support services in the west valley communities. To volunteer at this organization or for more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (408) 255-8033 x303 or email volunteer@wvcommunityservices.org. Or visit the links below:




Salvation Army

This larger organization offers a wide range of opportunities, and therefore may be a better option for those who are new to volunteering. Though one could locate one of their charity drop offs, there are numerous volunteer opportunities that one could serve at. This organization seeks to meet the physical needs of the poor. To volunteer please few the links below