The fires in California cause catastrophe

By: Owen Bower, Staff Writer

The most devastating fires in California history have been 100 percent contained by firefighters who have been working on it for 18 days. On November 8, a campfire in Northern California began to spread quickly, destroying thousands of homes and structures and has reported up to 85 deaths. Experts are still studying the aftermath of the devastating fire to see how it started.

The Woolsey fire, which also started November 8 in Southern California, is now 100 percent contained after destroying 1,500 structures and killing three people. It started in Simi Valley and quickly spread in several directions including jumping highway 101 in three places. Many people reported their homes were destroyed including celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke and Neil Young. Three of the 5,600 firefighters battling the fire have been injured.

“It is by far the most deadly single fire in California,” claimed an ABC news article.  

The California Fires have impacted the Bay Area, producing the worst air quality by far around the world. This lead to many public health warnings as well as lots of closures of schools, universities, and even businesses. The particles from the wildfire smoke can affect the lungs and heart and people should stay inside regardless of medical conditions.

“Hearing all this news is terrible and I hope we can find a way to stop fires sooner so more lives will be saved,” says Mitchell Dowd, senior.

Organizations including Red Cross and the Humane Society say victims need cash more than anything else.

“After a disaster hits, the American Red Cross witnesses the incredible generosity of people from across the country who want to help in any way they can with donations of items like clothes, shoes, food and household items, but the reality is, cash donations are best,” the Red Cross said in a statement.

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