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New Fences Equals Unhappy Students – The Eleight

New Fences Equals Unhappy Students

By Jordan Waymire, Copy Editor

Are the new fences meant to keep the students in? Or to keep people out?

Although the reasoning behind the fences has not been disclosed to students, many think that they were put up because of the recent school shootings. Of the 317 responses to the survey that was sent out a week ago, approximately 88% of these students believe this could be true.

The remaining 12% conclude that the fences were put up to prevent students from ditching.

The results of a survey sent to Leigh students.

The majority of these 317 students describe the feeling of being trapped because of these fences.

“I don’t like the feeling of being ‘trapped.’ Although the gates are meant to keep people out, they also could keep people in in certain situations where it would be safer for that person to leave,” says sophomore Dana Hammer.

Junior Lynnae Mendez also says, “I appreciate how they are trying to keep us safe. At the same time it’s like we are locked in.”

Overall, the fences have not earned a good reputation for a variety of reasons. About 70.7% of the students said they do not like them, while only 3.2% do.

The percentage of people who don’t like the fences greatly outweighs the percentage of people who don’t mind or do like them.

“They don’t help with anything. They are just an annoyance. If anyone tried, they could still leave school when they want to, and it doesn’t stop a school shooter from coming in because they are open in the morning,” states junior Alex Dietrich.

To most of the student population, the fences are just an extra obstacle preventing them from getting to their cars or picking something up from a parent.

“I can’t get anything from the parking lot or have food delivered,” says junior Brendan Niles.

In the couple months since the fences have been put up, many students have experienced complications when coming late to school, getting to the band room, picking things up from their parents, and many other issues.

For whatever reason they’re up, the fences are here to stay.