A different kind of schoolwork

by Everest Henze, Staff Writer

Working the lunch line is not, as many may think, mundane, thankless or payless. By working the lunch line you play a role in Leigh’s community, serving hundreds of students daily nutritious and delicious meals.

Student workers also receive many benefits such as: Free lunch, a fun and tolerant working environment, and great pay (13.50 an hour) among many others. If that isn’t enough to entice some readers, then it should be noted that student workers also get to leave class up to fifteen minutes early, and are not required to wear uniforms nor name tags.

I talked to one of the student workers by the name of DNC, who wanted to remain anonymous.  

DNC feels that “it’s cool to make money” and that “[working in the lunch line] is pretty good, though on my first day things where more chaotic than I’d like”. He spoke briefly about the hours he worked, saying he typically “work(s) between 21 to 30 minutes a day”.

The manager, Annabelle, said that the lunch line is looking for “anybody who wants to make a little extra money, or who wants a good first job”. She mentioned that students would be trained in all areas of the cafeteria, and that the biggest criteria for new workers is that they are “able to know what the food is, such as what to serve students, and for students to follow government guidelines”. When asked how long students would be working she replied with “students would typically work anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, but no less than an hour because we want students to enjoy their lunch”.

If this job seems like the perfect fit for you, or if you are looking to help out Leigh, then consider signing on as one of Leigh’s student workers.