The first fall finals for freshmen

by Jordan Waymire, Copy Editor

Finals are fast approaching. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are fairly experienced when it comes to taking their finals. Freshmen, however, do not know the routine.

A survey was sent out to these freshmen on November 30, asking them about how confident they are feeling about their first finals.

Of the 64 responses, only 15.6% of the freshmen at Leigh believe they will do well on their finals.

A survey was sent to all the freshmen at Leigh.

“I feel like a week goes by after the finals and I’ve forgotten everything, I know I can study a lot to get a good grade but I feel like I have to relearn the whole semester over again,” states Florance Zhang.

26.6% of students have already started studying for their finals and another 31.3% said they will start studying sometime this week.

Another part of the survey.

Of the 6 or 7 finals each student will have to take, 31.3% say they are least confident about their science final and 21.9% say they are most nervous about their world language finals.

“I usually do well on unit tests but since finals are a combination of everything that we’ve learned it’s a lot harder,” says Hannah Trout.

With about one week left before finals, freshmen should have enough time to cram for their finals. Although many of them are very nervous, finals are typically much easier than one might think. If they don’t feel this way, at least they have break to look forward to.