Misguided misogyny: America’s incel problem

By: Adriano Spiga, Staff Writer

There is a sickness spreading across America’s youth, a plague that has no clear solution or answer: the Incel Movement. For those of you unaware, Incels (short for involuntary celibates) are an online group that celebrate their perceived “condition”. They are described by Grinnel College as the following: at least 21 years of age and has gone at least 6 months without a romantic or sexual partner. Instead of trying to fix the problem, they revel in their lack of self-appreciation.

They do things like defecate themselves on camera and other emasculating activities. Worse yet, oftentimes this online group results in some damaged individuals taking out their sexual frustrations on themselves or others through the form of murder. You might have heard about a couple of these people through the news as some of them have caused panic through mass shootings. They also express their frustrations through the form of suicide as often times most of this group falls apart by killing themselves. While this is shocking at first, it sadly makes some sense once you see their behavior. They honestly seem to hate themselves and everyone else, and while they might call their online community therapeutic, that is obviously not the case. The incel community is so toxic and so vile that the higher ups on Reddit (a popular website in which various communities can express opinions and thoughts through various posts) have removed the incel subreddit for reportedly “inciting violence against women.” There have been various shootings and massacres in which Incels have been responsible such as the 2014 Isla Vista Massacre, in which an armed gunman killed six people and injured 14 others before killing himself in his car, or more recently, the shooting in a Tallahassee “Hot Yoga” branch, in which two people lost their lives to one of these deranged people.

There are many theories and ideas of what created the Incel movement. Most contribute it to the idea and notion of “Toxic Masculinity,” a twisted idea of what it is to be a man. Most likely these incels feel entitled to have a woman, so when they don’t get what they want out of the relationship, they blame the woman and other men. It’s not their fault they don’t get the girl, it’s the girl’s fault.

At this point we have to wonder how can we help these people or at the very least stop them before they hurt anyone else. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. The horrors of the mind and its workings are an eternal mystery. If we are to expect an answer to this riddle of modern society, we must understand them. Only time will tell how long it will be before we can undertake that task and if we can stop it before it claims more lives.