Another Cinderella Story: A masquerade ball without masks

By: Kaylee Flores, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s winter ball was held at Villa Ragusa in Downtown Campbell on Jan. 21. For Leigh’s 2019 Winter Ball the theme was “Another Cinderella Story’s Masquerade Ball”, and the first thought that came to mind was if students would actually dress up for a masquerade ball. They didn’t. Nobody really dressed according to the theme, but it didn’t matter much since the turnout was great and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

When asked why some students didn’t attend the dance, Jack Rathje, senior, answered, “I just didn’t see the point in being locked in a big room with a bunch of people I don’t know.”

The guests dressed pretty semi-formal and even casual. Short cocktail dresses were popular amongst the female crowd and many sported sneakers rather than heels. The boys wore your average black and white suits.

Upon arriving, people got in a long line that traveled down the stairs, through the entrance, and wrapped around the building. The wait to get in wasn’t very long; the line moved rather quickly since all they had to do was scan your student ID, then give you a wristband to let you enter.

Immediately upon entering, many flocked to the dessert table where a magnificent spread of sweets was displayed for the guests to eat. A personal favorite was the chocolate cheesecake. it seemed to be popular amongst the guests.

The lovely table setting at Villa Ragusa.

Along with desserts, there was an open bar where guests could order soda, juice, and water. Due to this feature, many half finished cups were seen on every available table. Luckily, the staff members were very nice and worked hard to clean up after all the wasted drinks and desserts.

“The food was not that good to my taste, it’s one of the main reasons why I left early,” said Hunter Robertson, freshman.

The venue was quite nice. It had many tables where people could sit, eat, and socialize unlike last year’s winter ball where the room was so cramped with very little seating areas. But Villa Ragusa was very roomy. There even was the popular option of outdoor seating where guests would chill with their friends under the lights. With the larger amount of space, the venue didn’t overheat indoors like last year’s winter ball. Villa Ragusa was a very comfortable environment that many dance goers seemed content with.

“I just like to stand with my friends and I talk to people. I’m pretty happy with that,” said Isabella Meadows, senior.

Many seemed interested in the backdrop that was set up for photo ops. It was some lights strung around a patterned background that a lot of people would use for group photos.

But, the most popular thing to do was of course dancing. The DJ played many hit songs that kept students on the dance floor. One girl even started crowd surfing while many others jumped on the stage much to the DJ’s dismay. He asked them many times to get off since they were “going to knock over his setup” but they still wandered back onto the stage.

Overall, this year’s winter ball wasn’t much different from Leigh’s previous dances, but it was still enjoyable with it’s fun atmosphere, tasty desserts, and nice people. People who don’t attend school events are really missing out on experiences that they could fondly remember for years.