Favorite parts of a Longhorn’s winter

Yeichan Kwon, Staff Writer

Winter is the season known to students as the season with the second most amount of school days off, with breaks such as winter break (2 weeks), MLK day (1 day), and Presidents/Ski week (1 week).

This gives people a lot of time to spend on leisure activities. Most of the common activities people associate with winter are skiing, snowboarding, sledding, traveling during holidays, and just spending time with people you like all warm and cozy together and away from the frigid cold.

Although it never snows here, much to many people’s dismay, it is still enjoyable to go somewhere up in the mountains for snow and more “wintery” activities and stay in the spirit of the season. Winter overall gives lots of opportunities for people to kick back and do things they like.

As the season isn’t over yet, it might be a great time to ask students on what they enjoy in particular about winter.

“I honestly enjoy the long breaks we are given to do whatever,” said Andrew Ely, sophomore.

“I like the breaks because that’s more time for me to do whatever,” said Irene Sun, freshman.

“I enjoy going to the mountains and snowboarding,” said Brandon Choi, junior.