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Getting to the roots of JanuHairy – The Eleight

Getting to the roots of JanuHairy

Everest Henze, Staff Writer

A new movement has sprouted within the Women’s Rights Movement where women pledge to not shave for the month of January.

Laura Jackson pioneered this movement back in May of 2018, posting inspirational pictures of her progress. Jackson originally did this to promote a healthy body image, and to raise money for charities such as “Body Gossip” (who teach the youth about body positivity).

Though Laura received negative feedback from misogynistic males who still cling to the idea of shaven women looking attractive, she stayed strong to her convictions which helped to spread her movement. Laura’s movement is months old and it’s still going strong.

All in all Laura’s message about being the best you can be is delightfully inspiring, and a wonderful message for a generation that’s so concentrated on body image.