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Netflix’s film “Polar” warms up the audience with it’s graphic nature – The Eleight

Netflix’s film “Polar” warms up the audience with it’s graphic nature

Everest Henze, Staff Writer

This movie is the polar opposite of most Netflix exclusive movies….get it? It’s a vibrant, violent and brilliant picture that will delight any who are looking for a well crafted action movie.

The movie starts out a little slow as it introduces the main antagonists, though it plays them off as if they where the protagonists. However it soon cuts to Duncan Vizla (played by Mads Mikkelsen), and his preparations for retirement after working as a paid assassin (as he is turning fifty soon, and as the film states it is “company policy for all agents to retire after turning fifty).

Mr. Vizsla soon received a call from Vivian (played by Katheryn Winnick) who tasks him with one final mission before his retirement. Unbeknownst to Mr. Vizsla the mission is part of a large conspiracy to kill off all agents before they turn fifty. This is because if the agents do die before retirement, their pension is given to Mr. Blut (played by Matt Lucas) and his company.

Jonas Åkerlund (the director) film is one that puts a unique spin on gritty action movies, presenting audiences with a core story and expertly choreographed fight scenes.

This movie is not for children though, as it has multiple sex scenes, characters do die brutally (or in Mr. Vizla’s case tortured), and there is a scene that displays heavy drug use. All in all Polar is a wonderful film that is a wonderful reason to keep your Netflix subscription.