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“Searching” is a suspenseful thriller expressed in an all-new media – The Eleight

“Searching” is a suspenseful thriller expressed in an all-new media

Anthony Paoli, Staff Writer

In a crazy thriller/mystery movie, Searching follows the story of a father who desperately tries to find his missing daughter. Margot Kim (Michelle La) goes missing one night when she never returns home from a study group at one of her friend’s house. David Kim (John Cho) frantically starts looking for any clues he can find that might help him figure out where his daughter may have disappeared to.

What separates Searching from other thriller movies is the fact that the entire movie takes place through some sort of screen. The entire movie, you’re watching David Kim through the computer. You see him only through the eyes of the computer as he frantically begins to text Margot’s friends, facetime people, look at traffic cam footage, and looking for any evidence he can find that may help him and the police find his daughter to bring her back safe.

Searching is a local movie that takes place in San Jose. Throughout the movie, you will find many familiar streets and highways used by the characters. They also play on the name of both Evergreen High School and Silvercreek High School, both schools in San Jose, by combining the names to make “Evercreek High School” the school where Margot attends. David Kim’s brother also is a big hockey fan, and in the movie, you see his brother wearing a “Fins” sweatshirt, playing on the name of the San Jose Sharks. You will also see his brother’s profile picture is of him in a Fins sweatshirt, standing in front of SAP Center, home of the San Jose Sharks. Searching is a incredibly captivating movie that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. While combining an emotional backstory with the mystery of Margot’s disappearance and the thrill of a race against time, Searching is easily one of the most thrilling movies you will find.