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The billion dollar wall – The Eleight

The billion dollar wall

By: Adriano Spiga, Staff Writer

It isn’t a secret that our President built his presidential campaign around the project of building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of our country. President Donald Trump has recently requested 5 billion dollars-approximately 23.3 million dollars per mile-in order to build the previously stated border wall and has faced opposition from the Democratic Party in the White House. In reaction to this, President Trump has enacted a government shutdown until he gets the approval to start building the wall. This is the longest government shutdown in history (four weeks as this piece is being written), as both sides are still in a standstill. In general the democrats did not want a wall around our border in the first place and President Trump requesting 5 billion dollars definitely did not help matters. There is no further news on if the wall will be built or when the government shutdown will end.

-The government had been shut down for 35 days, it has reopened as of February 1, however this seems to be temporary as to quell concerns about the government not paying its workers.