The fight over politics: Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump butt heads over their political ideology

Ashley Zhang, Editor-in-Chief

*This is a work of satire*

Under the backdrop of the government shutdown, Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi are set to duke it out.

In one corner, we have Donald Trump, a certain President of the United States. His key point is the unpredictability of his actions. His Twitter-trigger finger is always on the ready to shoot off anything that comes to mind. One of the weak points in his fighting arsenal is his tendency to be paranoid about his surroundings, never letting any slight go past him without an answer.

In the other, we have Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. She specializes in retaliatory attacks and sharp, biting provocations. Seems to be a great lover of passive attacks, as such attempted to make her move first with a hidden tactic: with overtures of being concerned about him, she sends out a message that Trump through his own actions in the government shutdown limits his State of the Union address.

However, Trump is equally retaliatory, attacking directly: in mocking imitation of Pelosi’s movements and aggressively, by pulling Pelosi’s trip to Afghanistan.

Both opponents will enter the fighting ring on the last day of the shutdown.

Whenever that might be.