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The tragedy of school lunch – The Eleight

The tragedy of school lunch

By Skye Blank, Staff Writer

The bell rings for lunch break at 12 o’clock on a normal day at Leigh high school. Kids rush to the lunch lines so they don’t have to wait in the dreadfully long lines. But is the food really worth the long wait?

In my own opinion not all of the food is bad. One day when I bought lunch, they were selling two different types of salads: the regular, caesar chicken salad and a caesar salad with edamame in replace for the chicken. I wanted to try something different so I asked for the salad with edamame. It was ten times better than the one with chicken! Sadly, after that one day I’ve only had one other opportunity to buy it again. This disappoints me because I feel bad after eating the salad and wasting the chicken.

After getting tired of eating salads for weeks on end, I decided to get a spicy chicken sandwich. The first time I tried it, it was pretty good, and pretty spicy. It is a popular item though, because if you buy your lunch too late, all of the spicy chicken sandwiches will be gone.

A few times I had attempted to buy a spicy chicken sandwich they were sold out so I had to buy something different.  One time they had been out of both salads and spicy chicken sandwiches, so I decided to try the cheese burger instead.  And honestly it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really all that good either. I have only tried the regular burger once, it contains a patty and a top and bottom bun. It was very plain and wasn’t very good. I was disappointed that day after eating my lunch and probably will never eat a plain burger from school again.  

Another item on the school lunch menu is orange or teriyaki chicken, rice bowls. I have tried both, and I have come to find out that they are better with soy sauce. The rice is dry and plain and so is the chicken. The soy sauce adds flavor and moisture back into the meal, I would highly recommend adding it to the rice and chicken if you decide on eating this item from the menu.

I had asked a few people about their thoughts on the food served during lunch, most of the students I had asked said they didn’t like the lunch served at school.

Forms response chart. Question title: The school should improve their food.. Number of responses: 31 responses.

Sophomore Sofia Guthre said, “The food is supposedly healthy but always of the cheapest/poorest quality. The pizza used to taste like cardboard and now taste[s] less like cardboard since they switched their pizza provider, but it’s normally not fresh at all. I know that it’s nice to at least eat, but good quality food is really what it’s about. Nobody is happy when they eat gross food. I actually don’t buy the food anymore because everyday last year I would be more and more disappointed and dissatisfied. The milk is also disgusting, it is ALWAYS given out to us on the week of expiration or on the day of expiration. The milk tastes like chemicals from the cartons, and it is sometimes chunky.  I feel like schools definitely save their money when it comes to food. I’ve literally had principals tell my parents that it’s more about the money and less about if kids eat or not. Many kids don’t eat lunch because they don’t have time to pack a lunch and the food here is disgusting. I know I do.”

Guthre also mentioned, “The school can improve their food by taking out more money from the budget for higher quality actually good food. They can take a handful of kids and have them try new higher quality food options and see which ones are most successful…also I would like to note: the school administrators confiscated pizza that wasn’t bought from the school because it was quote unquote ‘dangerous’…”