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Don’t know how to spend Valentine’s Day? Here’s some tips. – The Eleight

Don’t know how to spend Valentine’s Day? Here’s some tips.

Griffin Quadro, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is always thought of as an romantic day with a lot of puns and just the right amount of candy. It’s a day where we can claim our love. These Valentine’s Day ideas that are equal parts extra and delightful—because, you know, why not take advantage of the opportunity have the funnest, most over-the-top February 14th ever?

Decorate your entire house, plan a brunch create a Valentine’s Day that’s what you want it to be. If that means a wild and unique date night, that’s great, too. It’s your day. Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day should be fun.

Whether you spend it with your partner of two years or your BFFs, it’s the perfect time to do whatever makes you feel happy, excited and of course, extra. A holiday filled with red hearts, balloons, chocolates and flowers is truly an ideal situation if you allow yourself to lean into the spirit. get rid of all the pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day and just have some fun this year. No matter who you’re taking out or how serious you are, a good date is a good date.

Some ideas on valentines day for your significant other: nothing says V-Day like a million balloons you can post on Instagram to show how much you’re loved, surprise your loved ones with affirmation sticky note hearts, make everyday food with a twist like heart shaped pizza or even some decorative heart cupcakes.