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The longest government shutdown in history and what it was – The Eleight

The longest government shutdown in history and what it was

Yeichan Kwon, Staff Writer

As we all know, the government went through a shutdown, where the government just stops doing its job, from December 22 of last year to January 25 of this year.

This was the longest shutdown of the US government to date which happened because President Donald Trump wasn’t pleased with the Democratic party’s unwillingness to fund his border wall.

He made the decision to shut down the government until the democrats would give in and lend their support. However, in the end, he actually ended being the one giving in and reopening the government empty-handed.

Although the government shut down, life still went on pretty normally for us. However, many government workers, such as the TSA, weren’t able to receive pay for their jobs and had to seek out other means of earning money.

National Parks weren’t being maintained yet were still open which caused the government to lose money and also allowed for vandalism to cause damage to them.

Due to not being paid for government work, many workers simply didn’t show up to work which caused delays in many things such as airport flights, construction, and economic reports.

The shutdown did delay and close a lot of programs in the nation but overall didn’t last long enough to cause major effects in everyone’s lives.