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Fun April’s Fools pranks to try out – The Eleight

Fun April’s Fools pranks to try out

By: Everest Henze, Staff Writer

April 1st is coming up sooner than some may realize, and many may be scrambling to find a decent prank to pull on their friends (or family). Some pranks may require advanced planning in order to pull it off right or even items that are hard to locate. I’ve devised a list of easy, fun and safe pranks that any student here at Leigh can pull off.

I’ll start off with one of the more simple pranks as all it requires is a friend who is usually spaced out on their phone during class. Simply walk up to said friend (preferably when they haven’t been paying attention much during class), tap them on the shoulder to get their attention, and once you have them, tell them that “the teacher would like to speak to you”. The reaction that friend will give you is sure to send you and other friends into a fit of laughter.

This next one is for those who like to be devilish to family, all it requires is nail polish and a bar of soap. Take the nail polish and generously lather the soap in it (this may require more than one bottle), afterwards place it into the fool’s shower. When they try to clean themselves the nail polish will cause the soap to refuse to lather. Best of all coating the bar of soap in nail polish also makes the soap bar feel exactly the same, so it is impossible to tell what is wrong with it!

I’m sure everyone has heard of drinking “Windex” in public (blue gatorade in an empty, and clean Windex bottle) in public, but how about eating mayonnaise? It’s similar in design, however it’ll requiring a (empty) tub of mayonnaise and a bit of vanilla pudding instead of an empty Windex bottle and gatorade.

All you need to do is completely empty and clean out a tub of mayonnaise and fill it up with vanilla pudding. Then walk around Leigh, or while in class pull it out for a quick disgusting snack. You could even, to be more evil, reverse the prank on your friend by switching out the fake mayonnaise for real mayonnaise. Any readers eat cereal at home before school? This last prank is a sure fire way to start out your morning with a bowl full of laughs instead of cereal. All it requires is a stapler and your sibling’s (or parent’s) favorite cereal bowl.

Take the plastic bag (not the cardboard box) and staple it shut. More than likely the fool will be too tired and groggy to realize what’s going on before it’s too late! So there you have it, a few really easy, safe but also hilariously (and cheap!) fun to pull off on both friends and family. I hope you all have a fun filled April Fools day this year, and you pull more pranks than are pulled on you!