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Hot spots to visit over break – The Eleight

Hot spots to visit over break

By: Skye Blank, Staff Writer

Spring break is right around the corner and some of us still have no idea what to do or where to go. There will be beautiful weather here in California for this week off from school. Why sit inside when we could go out and enjoy the lovely spring weather?

Places to visit in California

Santa Cruz

Warmer weather will be rolling in soon, so it would be a great time to get out for a beach day. On the April 6- which lands wonderfully on our spring break days- there will be Veg Fest held on the boardwalk. Veg Fest brings the local community together to celebrate a plant-base, cruelty-free, and environmentally-sustainable lifestyle. There are also plenty of other things to do around the Santa Cruz area, like enjoying lunch on the Santa Cruz Wharf at any one of the seafood restaurants they have to offer and then enjoying a day on the beach.   


The best time to go whale watching is during December through April! During the day in  Monterey Fast Raft allows six people at a time to tour the waters and knows exactly where the best places are to see otters, whales, and even dolphins!  To see more sealife you could visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, ticket prices are, $49.95 for adult (ages 18-64), $39.95 for youth (ages 13-17) and also seniors (ages 65+), and $29.95 for children (ages 3-12) each.  

San Francisco

Head over to the beautiful bay of San Francisco and enjoy the beautiful weather at Pier 39. You can even hop on the city sightseeing bus and join a tour of the best attractions around San Francisco. Pier 39 has a lot to offer such as the amazing Crab House, “where you can enjoy mouth-watering addictive crab.”

San Diego

The best time to visit San Diego is during the beginning of the spring season. The crowds are low during the month of April and the weather is mild. The beaches in San diego will vary from 70-76 degrees fahrenheit which is great weather for the beach. Other than going to the beaches there you could also visit the San Diego Zoo. 1 day pass tickets for adults (ages 12+) cost $56 and for children (ages 3-11) cost $46.


The number one place to go for spring break is the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Although Disneyland will be busy with a lot of people, it would still be a fun trip for the family.  Anaheim is only a 6 hour drive away, so a family road trip would be a fun experience. The dates for our spring break land on the 6th through the 14th and those tickets cost $149 per person. But if you wait till the summer to go to Disneyland the new Star Wars land will be opening between May 31, 2019 and June 23, 2019.

Lake Tahoe

This year is different from the rest in Lake Tahoe. There is still snow and the weather is still cold. This means it will be a great time to go skiing and snowboarding. Other than that you could also go on a hike, there are over 19 trails to visit in Tahoe. This includes: Mt. Tallac Trail, Rubicon  Trail, Fallen Leaf Lake Trail, and more.

There are plenty of places to go in the Bay Area but some people like to go a little farther from home.   

Miami Florida

Since we are a bunch of high school students we won’t be able to “enjoy” the bars or nightclubs, but there are plenty of other fun things to do with your family in Miami.  You can experience the wildlife in Miami while boating through the everglades! Not only could you do that but also you could visit the Frost museum of science with hands on learning and fun experiments for your whole family to enjoy. The weather will be nice so you could also enjoy pre-summer tanning by laying out on the beaches. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


There are so many amazing things to go on the Hawaiian islands, like snorkeling, even enjoy visiting Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and then afterwards visit the famous Kilauea active volcano. If you are interested in snorkeling the best islands to do so is in Maui and the big island! You could enjoy your vacation here in Hawaii by going on hikes to see the beautiful wildlife here.


The weather is nice here and would be the perfect get away from home.  Fun things the Bahamas include are going blue hole snorkeling and also visiting turtle beach. You could even going on a cultural food tour! This is a family friendly tour that will teach you about the history and the amazing cultural food and even native traditions.  

No matter what you do for spring break, it will be a nice week-long break from school before you have to get back on the grind for AP testing and finals.