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Airpods could possibly give you cancer – The Eleight

Airpods could possibly give you cancer

By: Anthony Paoli, Staff Writer

In recent years, Apple has been at the center of this generation of technology. First they gave us the iPod, then it was the iPhone, and now, to everyone’s excitement, they’ve given us new wireless bluetooth earphones, otherwise known as AirPods. And while people everywhere have jumped at the chance to purchase Apple’s latest product, concern is starting to grow around the health problems AirPods, as well as other bluetooth earphones, may cause.

While the suggestion of AirPods being harmful to humans will certainly make owners of this latest Apple product turn their heads, no conclusive evidence has been found. AirPods and other bluetooth products give off radiation, which have been known to lead to cancer. Radiation can damage a person’s DNA, which in turn causes cancer. However, the radiation that is emitted from phones, AirPods, and other bluetooth devices have been found to be not as strong as other forms of radiation, such as X-rays or the sun.

One of the main reasons that AirPods specifically have been suggested to be a cause for cancer is based off the position they hold when placed in the ear. The way AirPods are positioned once placed in the ear are in such a way that there is actually a direct path from the AirPods to your brain, possibly exposing the brain to large amounts of radiation. However, no definite findings have been made in proving whether this is true.

AirPods have become so popular, especially amongst high schoolers, that you are sure to see at least a couple of people with AirPods in their ears when walking the halls here at Leigh. While many students may not be aware of the potential health problems AirPods carry, others simply don’t seem to care.

“I don’t think I’ll stop wearing AirPods,” said senior Max Lee. “If they don’t even know for sure it causes cancer then I’m not going to stop using them just because of that.”

Even though nothing has been proven yet, it’s in everyone’s best interest to use these devices with caution, and understand the severity of the risk they are putting on their body while using AirPods.