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Grant-A-Wish: What it is and what it’s about – The Eleight

Grant-A-Wish: What it is and what it’s about

By: Amanda Liao, Staff Writer

Every year, Leigh becomes the students’ fairy godmother and grants their wishes. Sometimes, the granted wishes are small snacks and drinks, but they can be so much for a student. This year, the Grant A Wish rally is happening on April 5, where all students will gather in the gym to witness many meaningful wishes be granted by Leigh.

How does leadership decide whose wishes to be granted?

Kim: “For the small wishes such as the food and drinks, we look at the quantity from each category. For example, if many people want something from Starbucks or Chipotle like last year, we will pick out those people and draw from them. As for the other bigger ones, sometimes we need to talk to people around that students, their friends and parents, if necessary, to make sure what we are doing is truly helping them instead of bringing troubles.”

“Like the pets we gave out last year,” one of the leadership members recalls, “some parents still wouldn’t allow their kids to have a pet, to avoid awkward situation on the day of the rally, we need to secretly talk to parents beforehand.”

How does Leigh manage the funds and where does it come from?

“The funds come from the surplus from the school and the district, this is why grant a wish happen on the second semester. Our job is to pick out which wishes to be grant and make sure the budget do not exceed.”

What do you think is the most important spirit of this event?

“I think of the most important spirits is to care for people around you. Many wishes, in fact, were written down to help their friend’s family and for their friends.”

The Grant-A-Wish rally has become an annual tradition of Leigh High School. Many students are excited for the little wish cards that are delivered to their second period classes. Not only does this activity bring treats to students, but it also represents the caring for each other on the campus.