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How Netflix makes it content – The Eleight

How Netflix makes it content

By: Adriano Spiga, Staff Writer

In March of 2019, Netflix released it’s highest volume of original content they’ve had on the platform to date. However, if you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering how they are able to make these films and television shows, plus how they can afford to make this content. So, that’s what I decided to investigate and find out.

There are primarily two ways in which Netflix makes and produces its shows for its platform. One, they buy the rights to a show or film and distribute it on their platform or two, they have a third party come in and film a show they already own the rights to. There are examples of each of these within Netflix’s vast library.

-The Cloverfield Paradox, a movie about astronauts that go into space to solve their worlds almost apocalyptic state, can be used to explain the first method of how Netflix has access to these shows or movies. The Cloverfield Paradox was sold to Netflix by Bad Robot Productions and Paramount Pictures, then Netflix distributed the movie through streaming on their platform.

-Castlevania , a show about a vampire hunter and his quest to take down Dracula,  Castlevania is a good example of how a show is made using rights Netflix already owns. The show is made by Frederator Studios and Powerhouse Animation Studios, then is given to Netflix. This is all after Netflix obtains the Castlevania tv show rights from the IP holder: Konami.

As you can see, Netflix’s high volume of shows comes from them buying and producing them as they don’t actually have a “Netflix Studios” just yet. While their business model has come into question of late due to their excessive spending. This article by Ross Gerber goes further into their spending further and whether or not it is sustainable (https://gerberkawasaki.com/article/is-netflix-spending-too-much-on-content). One can not doubt that the Media Mogul is putting forth tons of new content each and every month.