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Leigh’s Enchanted Forest: Will prom be a success? – The Eleight

Leigh’s Enchanted Forest: Will prom be a success?

By: Jordan Waymire, Staff Writer

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, juniors, seniors, and their dates are invited to an Enchanted Forest themed prom at Saratoga Springs.

The week after spring break, April 15-April 19, tickets will be sold for $95 with ASB and $100 without ASB. Tickets can be purchased in the student store or on the school web store for $100, whether or not you have an ASB card.

After the theme reveal, 36 juniors and seniors described why they like the theme or why they dislike it.

Of the 17 seniors that replied, 88.2% of them said that they do like the prom theme.

Lydia Wright states, “I think it’s such a pretty theme, and compared to last years [A Walk on the Nile] it’s more elegant and sophisticated.”

Other seniors that prefer this year’s theme over last year, such as Sarah Belew-Gaidola say it is “nice and simple.” And Zoey Vadnais states, “It’s so much better. I went to two of Leigh’s proms already, a retro theme and the nile theme. Neither of them felt as ‘magical’ as prom has a reputation of being. This year seems like it has a real potential to live up to that expectation.”

However, many seniors have criticized the theme because the dance is going to be outside. Laila Bowen explains, “People don’t really want to be outside for the [fact] that, our dresses are gonna get dirty and it’s gonna be cold. No one is gonna want to be outside in the spring. It’s still a good concept just maybe have a option where you can be inside or outside dancing and listening to music.”

However, for the 19 juniors, only 52.6% said they like the theme.

Hannah Sons says, “I do like the theme, but they could have picked out a better location.”

Although it hasn’t been specified why Saratoga Springs has been chosen for the location, it can be inferred that Leadership wanted to stay with the “Enchanted Forest” theme and put the dance in a forest.

Contrary to Sons’ perspective, Nate Thayer states, “It’s more creative than some fancy building in the middle of downtown San Jose. It seems pleasant.”

Many students are excited to see the decorations at the venue, while several others are nervous about the dance being outside.

No matter the theme or venue, it’ll be a fun night for everyone who is spending time with their dates and friends.