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School breaks vs summer break: Should the breaks during the year be shortened to make summer break longer? – The Eleight

School breaks vs summer break: Should the breaks during the year be shortened to make summer break longer?

By: Yeichan Kwon, Staff Writer

Every school district in California has 180 school days to plan out into a school year. In order to put breaks like ski week and spring break in the year, the district has to add that many days to the beginning and end of the school year and if the school has an unplanned day off, such as air quality dropping due to wildfires, more days are added to the end of the year to compensate for lost school hours.

This brings up a question: should we have a school year that starts early and ends late, but compensates with a good amount of days off in between, or sacrifice the breaks in between in order to have a longer summer?

The CUHSD calendar how it’s presented on the CUHSD website.

CUHSD 2018-19 Calendar. The stars represent the first and last days of school while the shaded days are days we have no school within the school year (And July 4th because of summer school).

Extend The Summer Break

Many people think that as long as the basic school breaks (Winter Break, Spring Break, Labor Day, ect.) are kept, the other days off don’t really matter and should just be added to Summer.

As freshman Irene Sun says “Even if we have more days off in school, I don’t think any of them will be long enough to do something like travel. I’d rather we take some of them away and put them in summer.”

Summer break is enjoyed by both those with big plans like travelling and those who just want to stay at home for 2 months alike. It gives them a nice long break from a whole year of working.

The Fremont Union High School District, the East Side Union High School District, and Gilroy Unified School District are all examples of school districts that take this approach.

Fremont Union High School District calendar from their website: https://www.fuhsd.org/about-us/general-information/calendar

More Days Off In Between

On the flip side, there are yet others who feel as if Summer break can afford to be shortened if it means they get more days off within the school year. It gives students sort of a temporary break from the stress and workload of school and a few more days to complete a huge project or a stack of makeup work.

As Sol Otero, a junior, says, “I like having more days off in the school year because two extra days of summer don’t make a huge difference, but not having two days of school in the middle of the semester is a lot, and it makes you look forward to them.”

Although every school district has a 180 day school year, if we counted the days off in between as school days, Leigh would actually have one of the longest years, although not by much. Almost every other school district has slightly fewer days off within the year and instead, some more summer days.

Overall, there is an even divide between people who appreciate the break during the year to cool down and catch up and the people who wish for more time for big plans in the summer. As it stands, CUHSD’s calendar leans a lot more towards the former and grants us numerous days off, at the cost of a shorter summer but we all go to school for 180 days anyways so many don’t even care.