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Walt Disney Corporation purchases 21st Century Fox – The Eleight

Walt Disney Corporation purchases 21st Century Fox

By: Adriano Spiga, Staff Writer

Recently, March 20 of 2019, Disney bought 21st Century Fox for the grand total of 71.3 Billion dollars. This means 21 Century Fox joins Lucasfilm and Marvel as one of the companies that Disney owns under their new corporate umbrella.

Disney now owns famous properties from 21st Century Fox like The Simpsons, Alien, X-Men, Kingsman, Planet Of The Apes, Fantastic Four, Predator, Avatar and more. This means that Disney is now, undisputedly, the top dog of the Entertainment Industry.

Let’s look at last year’s biggest box office hits (using gross income), to see how many movies Disney now owns. (the following numbers are from https://www.boxofficemojo.com/yearly/chart/?view2=worldwide&yr=2018&p=.htm which takes into account just how much Disney made out of it and not how much movie theatres made)

1-Avengers Infinity War   

-Box Office: $2.04 Billion, IP Owner: Disney

2-Black Panther     

-Box Office: $1.3 Billion, IP Owner: Disney

3-Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom      

-Box Office: $1.3 Billion, IP Owner: Universal Studios

4-Incredibles 2        

-Box Office: $1.2 Billion, IP Owner: Disney


-Box Office: $1.1 Billion, IP Owner: Warner Bros.

6-Bohemian Rhapsody    

-Box Office: $889.3 Million, IP Owner: 21st Century Fox


-Box Office: $855 Million, IP Owner: Sony

8-Mission Impossible: Fallout      

-Box Office: $791.1 Million, IP Owner: Paramount Pictures

9-Deadpool 2    

-Box Office: $778.9 Million, IP Owner: 21st Century Fox

10-Fantastic Beasts:The Crimes Of Grindelwald    

-Box Office: $653.7 Million, IP Owner: Warner Bros.

This list is just taking into account the top 10 of the box office last year. Using these stats we can calculate that Disney made $4.54 Billion dollars, and adding the money made from 21st Century Fox to see how much money they could make in this coming year, Disney would have made $6.3 Billion dollars last year.

One can only imagine how much money Disney will now make in 2019 with predictably high grossing movies like Avengers Endgame, Captain Marvel, Alita: Battle Angel, Star Wars Episode 9, and Toy Story 4.

After this deal, Disney will now be at the head of the entertainment industry, making more than any singular other movie studio or company in the business. As for what this will mean for the future of the movie industry, that remains to be seen.

However, we should be careful in monitoring whatever Disney does next and if they decide to buy any other companies. If Disney does decide to buy another company they could no doubt be recognized as a monopoly within the film industry and permanently change the landscape of film into only taking safe bets into account when creating new films.