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Are School Dress Codes Sexist?

November 3, 2015

As the new class entered and veteran classes returned, Orientation in August contained warm welcomes and much talk about dress code. Reminding students of the restrictions, [...]

ASB’s Increased Control of Clubs

November 3, 2015

During lunch on Wednesday, Sept. 23, ASB Club’s Commissions Board announced a new set of rules and regulations to all presidents of clubs at Leigh High School. Unlike [...]

Validity of Online Tools for Class

November 3, 2015

Technology has increased a great deal in the classroom lately. Leigh’s classes are slowly integrating Chromebooks, everything is done through Google Classroom or Drive, [...]

Dangers of Binge-Watching Netflix

November 3, 2015

There are 40 million people that subscribe to Netflix in America.  And of these people, 61 percent admit to regularly binge-watching Netflix. Binge-watching is defined as [...]

New Collaboration Schedule

November 3, 2015

Leigh students returned to school in August to discover yet another schedule change. This time, the schedule was changed to include more collaboration days – two every [...]

It’s a culture, not a fashion trend

October 6, 2015

Picture a group of girls at Coachella or another indie music festival. If you imagined one white person wearing a Native American war-bonnet with multicolored feathers, [...]
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