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Athlete of the Month: Markus Melbardis – The Eleight

Athlete of the Month: Markus Melbardis

Markus Melbardis is a stud on and off the court. With dedication and perseverance he strives both academically and athletically.

Coming from a family background of volleyball players, Markus doesn’t know a life without it. His major inspiration comes from his uncle, Aldis Berzins. Berzins played in the 1984 Olympics and won a gold medal for indoor volleyball.

Photo by Dick Vanderluit
Photo by Dick Vanderluit

“My uncle had a huge influence on my volleyball career. He is the reason why volleyball is so popular in my family,” said Melbardis, senior.

With volleyball in his blood and family roots, Markus has been playing ever since he was little. Since he could walk would he play but didn’t start playing competitively until freshman year of high school. Markus plays for Bay to Bay volleyball club, and has been doing so for four years.

Over the years Melbardis has progressed his game. With apparent skills and communication, he was recruited by Loyola University Chicago to join them. This is also highly impressive considering that Loyola University Chicago has the best volleyball team in the nation.

“By getting recruited by Loyola University Chicago, I use that as motivation to continue playing and improving,” said Melbardis.

Photo by Dick Vanderluit
Photo by Dick Vanderluit

Maintaining good grades and focusing on a sport is hard work, yet Markus manages to do both. He manages to earn a 3.9 GPA even with a busy schedule of volleyball each week.