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Senior Map in the College & Career Center – The Eleight

Senior Map in the College & Career Center

Those who visit the College and Career Center in Room 28 often for the various college visits have probably noticed two maps that are pinned to the wall of the room. These maps can be used to see where the to-be graduating seniors are going for college.

Once they have committed to a certain school, seniors can simply take a triangular tag and put their name and the college they have chosen, and pin it up on one of the maps, either the map of California, or the map of the world.

“It’s just fun because you can come in and see where everyone’s going for the next chapter of their lives,” said Randi Adams, third year parent volunteer at the College and Career Center.

Through the senior map, students can easily and physically see where their friends are heading off to. The map can additionally represent their pride for the schools that they will attend in the fall.

Even though the senior map is relatively empty right now, more tags will be added after the College Fair on April 28, when representatives from four-year colleges, community colleges, trade schools, military organizations, and various careers will be coming, and the map should be considerably full by the end of May.

The map is a fun and easy way to organize where Leigh High School seniors will be for the next few years of their lives. Seniors, once committed to a school, make sure to go to the College and Career Center and plot your school on the senior map.