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ASB’s Increased Control of Clubs – The Eleight

ASB’s Increased Control of Clubs

During lunch on Wednesday, Sept. 23, ASB Club’s Commissions Board announced a new set of rules and regulations to all presidents of clubs at Leigh High School. Unlike previous years, this new set of rules is intricate and restrictive, decreasing a club’s ability to run efficiently. In order for clubs to regain full function, the demanding rules need to be loosened.

When entering the meeting, club presidents were handed a thick packet titled “Leigh High School Clubs: Club Handbook for Advisors and Club Officers,” outlining the club rules for the year.

“This year ASB is working to better support all the clubs in being effective and involved on campus. We’ve created a structure for the clubs to follow so that ASB can be informed on all club info. . . This structure is also intended to simplify many processes clubs go through,” explained Muskaan Sandhu, head of ASB Club’s Commission.

However, this new set of rules seems to complicate processes. While last year there were lenient rules for clubs to follow, the Club’s Commission has gone a step, or five, further this year by requiring more activities, such as club events and fundraisers, to have ASB approval. New clubs must submit a “New Club” form, along with the constitution every club must submit. Once approved, a new club is considered a “charter club” for the first semester. Clubs also have to turn in minutes to Club’s Commission every month with updates on club activities. Additionally, any posters or flyers need to bear an ASB stamp of approval and must be taken down immediately after the conclusion of an event.

“The clubs at LHS have run smoothly for years now with very little regulations from Leadership, and most kids would probably say that the clubs were operating just fine before these new rules were implemented. It felt like Leadership had crafted a solution to a problem that didn’t exist,” senior Logan Williams remarked.

Clubs’ uses of their funds are limited and all financial actions are to be voted on by the club and recorded in club minutes for ASB to approve prior to any handling of money. All clubs must also complete one community service project per semester, regardless of the type of club–an illogical requirement for clubs such as Science Club or Acoustic Club to fulfill when there is a plentitude of service clubs available on campus.

If a club fails to meet any requirements, a written warning will be issued with an allotted amount of time to fix the issue. If the problem isn’t resolved in a timely manner or another offense is committed, the club will be on probation and an ASB Club’s Commissioner will visit during regular club meetings. A third strike results in the dissolution of the club for the current school year.

“. . . we think that clubs are informed well enough to have no trouble following the structure. These changes have been made for their benefit, so we hope they will appreciate them,” stated Sandhu.

Club officers must be extremely aware and work to stay compliant with the rules this year if they would like their clubs to stay in existence.