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College App Survival Guide – The Eleight

College App Survival Guide

It’s that time of year. Seniors are stressed out about college applications while juniors watch with dread on what they will soon have to deal with. Luckily, with these steps, college applications should be a breeze.
The first step is to plan ahead, that way you will feel more calm while filling each application out. If you are doing it on the last weekend before they are due, not only will there will be a higher chance that you will make mistakes, your essay will not be up to par due to rushing before the deadline. Write in a calendar what weekends you are going to work on your college apps. Designate a specific day to work on what you have to do to fill them out.
The second tip is to make a chart and write down all of the deadlines for each school you are applying for. Deadlines are the most crucial part because once the due date passes, there is no turning it in late. For this fall the California State School (CSU) Applications are due anytime between Oct. 1-Nov.31. That application can be found on csumentor.com. The UC applications deadline is on Nov. 30. You can find this application on universityofcalifornia.edu. The private and independent school deadlines vary, so double check on that school’s website. Most of the private applications use the common application.
Another suggestion is to include on the chart what schools need certain information from you. For example some schools ask for a letter of recommendation. If that is the case, then fill out “Leigh’s Brag Sheet” on Naviance, which you will then need to request a teacher or counselor. Lastly, while working on essays, make sure that you have more than one person proof read it.
Juniors, there are many classes you can take to help you with the application process. Senior, Shayne Murphy, did a program called “Got College” and said “It has helped me to organize all of my college applications and help me with my essays.” He also shared some advice for juniors, “Visit colleges before your senior year and start your applications early.”
With these steps everything should run smoothly. Good luck juniors and class of 2016!