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El Niño – The Eleight

El Niño

California has been in a major drought for almost four years now, with 2015 being the year with the least amount of rainfall that California has received in years. Reservoirs are slowly dissipating to become pure dry land, and all the grass is slowly becoming a yellow-brown color. The question that still stands is: how much longer will California be in this awful stage? A huge storm named El Niño is on its way to California.

It is rumored that extremely heavy rainfall and windy conditions called El Niño are coming California’s way. Every ten years, a series of irregular, complex climatic changes occur that affect the equatorial Pacific region. El Niño is a spanish word meaning, “the little boy,”, but ironically, what is rumored to hit is not “little” at all. The CBS weathermen predict El Niño to come may be the strongest California has ever had, naming it “Godzilla.” CBS forecasters say it is too soon to confirm whether El Niño will actually hit, but they say there is a very high possibility due to similarities to weather from past El Niño years.

“If weather reports from past El Niño ’s are similar to ones that are reported recently, then I think there is a huge possibility El Niño will arrive,” said Renad Dayfelah, junior.

Though California needs the water El Niño is willing to bring, there is a possibility for landslides, mudslides, roof leakage, and floods to occur. In the past, El Niño has caused major disasters that has affected lives of citizens. Because of the possibility of landslides and mudslides, we may be looking at damages to vegetation and agriculture. But it may also mean that California can return to the natural beauty it once was, with its beautiful green colored landscapes. El Niño can either be very disastrous or very beneficial.

If big storms are on their way to California, residents should prepare themselves for such conditions.

“If we have a better idea as to when it will come, we can get prepared for it. Because California residents are not used to storms or disasters, we need the time to prepare.” said Tamila Sayadi, junior.

Putting together a disaster kit may be helpful in the upcoming conditions. The residents of California must be aware of the damages that may occur to their homes because of the heavy rainfall. It is important to check that roofs are secured and are not prone to leakage. Many homes were severely damaged due to El Niño in the past because the water would leak through, causing the roofs to come crashing down. To prevent this, roofs should be checked to be secure and not subject to leakage, and people should take care of trees near homes may be prone to breaking and falling.