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Leigh Stampede – The Eleight

Leigh Stampede

Winning the game on Sept. 4 against Branham  was crucial not only for the football team’s record, but also for the sake of Leigh’s school wide spirit. Leigh High School kicked its spirit into gear and dominated Branham from both on the field and in the bleachers. The stampede before the game even started was beyond intimidating, as students from Leigh roared with cheers. With Leigh’s football team gaining momentum by winning games, the stampede has increased, gaining public attention through social media.

Losing against Branham last year was unexpected considering the consistent wins from previous years leading up to it, causing those who had attended Leigh to be devastated and the school spirit to plummet. On top of it all, the leadership class–those who encourage school spirit and run the various activities and dances at school–was in shambles. Due to a teacher dropping the class and a brief period when the students had no teacher at all, the school was a bit out of order, to say the least.

“I think what we needed to increase our spirit was more unity and communication. This year I believe we put those things into place with the community of leaders that really want to make a difference,” said Ophny Escalante, activities director.

This year with the leadership teacher, Ophny Escalante, running the show, everything is going  tremendously more smoothly,  and school spirit is greater than ever. Leigh even got recognized by the Twitter account “Student Section Goals” for its outstanding school spirit.

“The energy from the stampede is great, and it is awesome that everyone is getting more involved with school spirit,” said Karina Estrin, junior.

Wearing all black, green, and gold, Leigh High School’s student section is hard to miss, and something one wouldn’t want to miss either.