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School Spirit Increases, but Could Be Stronger – The Eleight

School Spirit Increases, but Could Be Stronger

Over the years, Leigh High School has been a school of athletics, academics and hard working attitudes. However, school spirit has always been lacking. Thankfully, we are making a comeback.  Leigh’s school spirit has improved miraculously, making this high school a family. Over the past few months many have been surprised by Leigh’s newfound energy.

“From social events, to rallies, and even football games, when everyone comes together and shares a common ground, that’s where the magic happens,” said senior Dori Rahbar. This year’s football games are like nothing that has been seen before at Leigh. Everybody is on their feet, stomping and screaming. These games’ roaring rallies and thundering student sections complete Leigh’s revitalized spirit.

However, intense school rivalries are constantly portrayed and held at an aggressive level. The greatest example of this is at the Leigh vs. Branham game every year. This year, Leigh students continuously defended their school, supporting our comeback. However, to keep peace, Twitter fights and confrontations should not be taking place, especially right before the big game with our rivalry school. If we did end up losing, copious amounts of embarrassment would have taken place for those trash-talkers out there. There is no point of arguing with our opposing schools if we do not want a bad image.

While our commitment and energy stays strong, some Leigh students do not care about our school spirit. Although some may think it is just because some students may not be interested, everybody can be interested if we do the right things to keep others involved.

Leigh should take more risks on humor and independence. For example, when I saw two gigantic sumo suits  from across the hall two years ago, I couldn’t help but laugh and approach those two girls from the Leadership class.

That was a step towards interactions that could have impacted all of the school. In high school, students want to be free and as crazy as we want to. If Leigh were to take risks on our individuality, our entire school could become more involved.