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Spotlight: Logan Roberts – The Eleight

Spotlight: Logan Roberts

Logan Roberts, senior, takes charge and shows Leigh what spirit is all about along with his co-commissioner Stacie Moore. Recognized in “Student Section Goals” on Twitter, Logan takes pride in bringing our school together by showing what school spirit is all about.


Q: What roles do you have being in the sports commission?

A: In the sports commission, we have to coordinate with Mr. Scialabba frequently and plan out how our student section is going to be set up. We also order t-shirts and rally towels and organize spirit themes for games. We also organize senior nights in sports and homecoming with regards to fall sports.


Q: What is the most important job you have in Leighdership regarding being a sports commissioner?

A: The most important job is getting our student body on board with the idea that we can be the most spirited student body in our district. We have great sports teams and it’s really important that we support them.


Q: How does it feel to be one of the main people in student body to bring spirit back to our school?

A: It feels amazing to be a part of it, and I think everybody has done their part to help. I love school spirit and I think we as a student body brought it back together.


Q: How do you get so many people involved?

A: I think it all started with the Branham Game. I think people have been feeding off of that. Also, our football team is really good this year and that’s helped get people excited.


Q: Are you going to try and get students as spirited for all sports at Leigh besides football? And how?

A: Absolutely. I really want Stampede at every sport so that every athlete has someone cheering for them. I’m going to highlight this at future meetings and work on providing incentives for students that attend a larger variety of games.


Q: What did Leigh get recognized for on social media? How did it make you feel that you took part in making that happen?

A: Pictures from our student section were put up on a couple of “Student Section Goals” Twitter pages, one of which has 11,000 followers. We got countrywide recognition of how great our school is. It gave me butterflies personally and I know it made other people feel like that too. It’s created a feeling that other schools want to be like us and that’s really exciting.


Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment this year?

A: I take a lot of pride in making stampede a reality. People are taking it seriously and having a blast while doing it.


Q: Do you have any set goals as a sports commissioner that you would like to see happen?

A: I love how crazy our student section is at football games, but I want to see that at other sports. I think we can get our school pumped for every sport, not just football and basketball.