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Throwback Review: “10 Things I Hate About You” – The Eleight

Throwback Review: “10 Things I Hate About You”

We are going to take it back to the year 1999 when in March the movie “Ten things I hate about you” made it’s debut. This movie is about a young boy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, yum), who has a huge crush on a girl named Bianca. The problem is, Bianca can’t date until her sister Kat can, so Cameron hires Patrick, local punk (they say he ate a whole live duck once, everything but the feet and the bill) to date her, since they are both scary people. The movie is about their up’s and down’s and how things work out and all that stuff that makes for great ‘90’s rom-coms.

This movie will always be a classic. For those who haven’t seen it, it comes highly recommend it. It’s funny, it’s light hearted, and simply hits all the great things movies should. Movies that have an impact are the best kinds. “10 things” shows that even the scariest people can only handle so much. Kat, in the end, stands in the front of her class and starts talking while looking at Patrick and starts crying. That shows so much character depth, honestly. It shows that everyone can hurt and everyone- no matter how hard their outer shell is- they DO have emotion and they do care a lot. Some people, like Kat, have a hard outer shell because of an event that happened to them.

Overall this movie will always remain a classic rom-com. All the greats were written from 1995-2008 (excluding the classics). Especially with eye candy such as Australian Heath Ledger and young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this movie will probably be watched for years to come- for a good reason.