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“Mockingjay” Review – The Eleight

“Mockingjay” Review

In the thrilling finale, Mockingjay part II concludes the blockbuster movie series that has taken over the theaters since 2012. Starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, and Liam Hemsworth as Gale, the cast has grown closer and improved in each film.

The film picks up directly after the last stunning scene of  Mockingjay part I. Peeta is strapped down in a hospital bed, questioning what is “real or not real”. After being tortured with tracker jacker venom, he has trouble determining what is true in his actual life. Meanwhile, Katniss is restless in District 13 and is tired of being used as the face of the rebellion. She wants to do something. So, she hatches a plan. Katniss, with the gang in tow, ventures to the rigged Capitol in order to get to Snow’s mansion. Along the way, they go through a few bumps, but are determined to reach their end goal: assassinate Snow. As Katniss makes her way through the Capitol, she finds some things out about District 13 and her plans begin to change.

The plot of the movie closely follows the book, something many movies fail to do. The scenes were expertly executed by the cast, filled with raw emotion and action. Lawrence commands attention with her rebellious attitude and thrilling action scenes, while Hutcherson emotionally toys with the audience’s trust. The soundtrack is intense and very chilling at times, creating a suspenseful mood. The action doesn’t disappoint with its signature “silent-scream” moments, startling the audience.

While the film had many great qualities, it was quite the time investment. Running at two hours and 20 minutes, Mockingjay part II definitely could have been shortened without ruining the effect of the movie itself. Besides this one tiny detail, Mockingjay part II is a must see. The finale ends with a bang and ensures that the Hunger Games series will never be forgotten.