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Spotlight: AP Computer Science – The Eleight

Spotlight: AP Computer Science

This year, one of the few new courses that Leigh has to offer is an AP Computer Science class. This class involves the use of Java and making cool games and programs. It is a great class to take if one is interested in the computer science field or desire to major in that field in college. Its an open class where you can interact with the students but learn computer science skills as well.  


What do you do in AP Computer Science?

We learn about various computer science concepts and apply them in projects. -Kayleigh Migdol


We learn basic programming and how to use Java to make programs. -David Baerenstecher


We are learning basic programing and Java in this class. -Siddharth Buddharaju


Do you recommend students to take this class?

I do because I think that when you learn computer science you learn how to think in a different way than you do in other classes. -Kayleigh Migdol


I do, it is a really fun course to use Java to make these complex programs that allow you to do projects. -David Baerenstecher


I do think it is worth it to take this class if you are interested in computer science or you just want to mess around with computers. -Siddharth Buddharaju


What is your favorite part so far?


Our first unit was really fun, where we got to program a robot to go around the room and pick up newspapers. -David Baerenstecher


Probably the projects because you get to mess around and play with everything. We make different puzzle games and mazes which is cool. -Siddharth Buddharaju


Why did you take the class?

I have always been interested in computer science and I also plan on majoring in the class. -Kayleigh Migdol


I took it because computers interest me and I thought I would do okay in this class. -David Baerenstecher


I took it because I am really interested in computer science and it is what I want to major in when I go to college. -Siddharth Buddharaju


What has been your favorite project so far?

Something we are working on now that is pretty cool is a Chatbot. -Kayleigh Migdol


Are the skills you learn useful?

I think in the way computers fill our lives today, this is a useful class. -David Baerenstecher


What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

Trying to learn all the ins and out of Java. -David Baerenstecher


Does it feel like an AP Class?

It is kind of hard, but if you pay attention, Mr. Caces explains things very well. -Siddharth Buddharaju


Is it very time consuming?

It isn’t time consuming at all. Mr. Caces gives us plenty of time to do everything in class, so we don’t get that much homework. -Siddharth Buddharaju


What do you look forward to?

I like working with other students because it’s really free and you can go around and interact during the class. -Siddharth Buddharaju


What do you feel is most important while taking the class?

The most important thing is to just listen to the lectures and read the book. -Siddharth Buddharaju