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Spotlight: Kaitlyn Jacobs – The Eleight

Spotlight: Kaitlyn Jacobs

Kaitlyn Jacobs, a freshman, has been dirtbiking for many years and often takes part in national competitions.

Q: When did you start dirt biking?

A: I started dirt biking when I was five years old.

Q: Dirt biking is a very unique hobby.  What inspired you to start?

A: My dad inspired me to start.

Q: How often do you practice?

A:  I practice once or twice a week.  

Q: Where do you regularly practice riding?

A: I practice at 408 MX.

Q: How many competitions have you been in?  Have you ever won any of the competitions?

A: I have won some of the competitions and I’ve been in about 20 competitions.  

Q: How often do you travel to compete?  

A: I travel to compete about once a month out of state, but usually every weekend in state.  

Q: What’s your favorite part about dirt biking?

A: I don’t know, just having fun with it… Everyone is shocked when they hear, “Oh, it’s a girl.”

Q: Describe a typical day of competition.  

A: It’s typically an all day thing.  Usually I wake up around five in the morning or so, and sometimes we even camp so I have to wake up earlier.  It depends on when they schedule my race.  Every race is different.  Sometimes I’m on Saturday, sometimes I’m on Sunday, but if I have a 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. race then we leave at 8 a.m. usually, depending on where the place is and then we go hang out and sign up because you have to sign up 30 minutes prior to your race and then I gear up usually and then I go sit at the starting line for a good 45 minutes.  

Q: How many bikes do you have, and how much maintenance does they require?  Do you have a trailer for transportation?

A: I have two dirt bikes and they require a lot of maintenance and we have a travel trailer.  

Q: Have you ever injured yourself?

A: I’ve never injured myself.

Q: Do you compete against other females?  Are there a lot of other females that do this, or is there a relatively small group of females that compete?    

A: Yeah, there are other females and there are quite a few females, but usually not too many who show up to every event.  

Q: Do you compete all year or is there a specific season for dirt biking?

A: There’s a spring season and there’s a fall season, but there’s no summer because it’s dusty and dry.